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Residential Roofing

At Rick's Roofing, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we're dedicated to providing top-quality residential roofing services to protect it. Whether you need re-roofing, new roof construction, or specialized roofing materials like cedar shakes and shingles or steel panels, we've got you covered.

Our team is experienced in handling a variety of residential roofing projects, from small repairs to complete roof replacements. We work closely with homeowners to assess their needs and recommend the best solution to fit their budget and style preferences.

When it comes to materials, we believe in using only the best. That's why we source premium quality roofing materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and built to last. Whether you choose traditional cedar shakes and shingles for a rustic look or opt for the sleek, modern appeal of steel panels, you can trust that your roof will be both beautiful and resilient.

At Rick's Roofing, we stand behind our workmanship. That's why we offer warranties of up to 5 years on our residential roofing projects. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and that we'll be there to address any issues that may arise.

Trust Rick's Roofing for all your residential roofing needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover why we're the preferred choice for homeowners in our community.

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How to know when you need a new roof

Knowing when it's time for a new roof is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home. Here are some signs that indicate you may need a new roof:

  1. Age: If your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan (typically 20-30 years for asphalt shingles), it's time to consider a replacement.

  2. Visible Damage: Look for signs of wear and tear such as cracked, curled, or missing shingles, as well as bald spots where granules have worn away.

  3. Leaks: Water stains on your ceiling or walls, as well as water pooling in your attic, are clear indicators of roof leaks that may require a replacement.

  4. Sagging: A sagging roof deck or visible sagging areas on your roofline can signal structural damage that may necessitate a new roof.

  5. Moss or Mold Growth: Excessive moss or mold growth on your roof can indicate moisture retention, which can lead to rot and structural damage over time.

  6. Granule Loss: Check your gutters for an excessive amount of granules, as this may indicate that your shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan.

  7. Increased Energy Bills: A poorly insulated or damaged roof can result in higher energy bills due to heat loss or gain, indicating the need for a replacement.

If you notice any of these signs, it's essential to consult with a professional roofer to assess the condition of your roof and determine if a replacement is necessary to protect your home. Contact Rick's Roofing for a free estimate today. 

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